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Quality Walk-in Tubs

Make Everyday a Spa Day with a Walk-In Tub from New Bath

If you are looking to remodel your bathtub to fit your changing mobility needs, a walk-in bathtub is a great option. Not only are they safe, but they are affordable and stylish. Don’t risk tripping over those high walled traditional tubs! Bathrooms are the most common place in your home for injury. Prevent injuries now with a walk-in bath. Plus, with our hydrotherapy jets you can have the ultimate relaxation spot. Hydrotherapy is good for joint pain and sore muscles, especially after a long day. Bring the spa to you with a walk-in tub!

With a walk-in bathtub you don’t have to worry about getting in and out of your tub, or slipping and falling inside it because it has a door you can open and walk through, giving you a much lower wall to climb than a traditional tub. Plus, with our fast draining system you don’t have to wait very long when you are finished.


Walk-In Tub Features:

  • - Ultra Low-threshold and easy access door:  allowing you to safely enter and exit the tub without discomfort
  • - Safety features: grab bars installed next to the door for easy access into the tub
  • - Integrated built in safety grab bars: make it even easier to step on and out
  • - Heated Hydrotherapy jets:  allows for a soothing massage for tight and painful muscles
  • - Air Spa System:  20 strategically placed jets allow for a truly relaxing experience
  • - Stable Seat:  making bathing safer and more comfortable
  • Quick drain system:  fast draining allows you to step out of the tub after 90 seconds
  • - Easy To Use:  5 piece faucet with a handheld shower wand for easy full-body bath
  • - Appropriately positioned bidet:  for those harder to reach areas allowing for total comfort and healthful hygiene
  • - Door Seal:  intelligent design and construction guaranteeing not to leak
  • - Convenient one day installation:  with a lifetime warranty on the door seal


Professional Walk-In Tub Installation and Customer Service

It’s our mission to not only provide you with a relaxing, spa-like experience in one of our step-in tubs, but also excellent customer service. Without proper installation, a step-in tub can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. Avoid the hassle and mess of an improper installation and click here to learn more about our installation process and superior customer service!

If you or a loved one are growing older, recovering from a surgery or major injury, or simply looking to bring a piece of the spa back to your home our walk-in baths  are a great option for independent bathing. See why so many of our customers in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Savannah, Charleston, Jacksonville, Charlotte and throughout Ohio, Georgia, Florida, South and North Carolina are satisfied with our walk-in tubs and contact us for a free no obligation safety consultation today!

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