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Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tub

Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs

Take a bath with ease in a walk-in tub from New Bath Walk-In Tubs, and enjoy the benefits of a spa right in your own home! With our heated hydrotherapy jets and air spa system, you can relax and ease joint pain.  Our hydrotherapy tubs great treatment for a variety of ailments.  The hydrotherapy provides a soothing massage of your legs, feet, and back.  All the controls are within reach and easily adjustable.  Professionals use hydrotherapy to treat the following:

             Arthritis                                                   Joint and Muscle Pain

Tissue healing                                                      Anxiety

Fibrositis                                                         Insomnia

High Blood Pressure                                         Poor Circulation

       Headaches                                                    Low Back Pain

Fibromyagia                                                       Sciatica


New Bath Walk-In Tubs Hydro-Jet Therapy

new bath walk in tub hydro jet

The hydro jet therapy system surrounds your body with a thorough massage allowing for increased circulation, and reduced aches and pains.

New Bath Walk-In Tubs Air-Jet Therapy

new bath walk in tub air jet

New Bath Walk-In Tubs air jet system is designed to help the body release tension and improve circulation.


Make Everyday a Spa Day with a Walk-In Tub from New Bath Walk In Tubs.  If you are looking to remodel your bathtub to fit your changing mobility needs, a walk-in bathtub is a great option.  Please call 1-800-620-1882, to find out more information and to get your free estimate today.


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