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New Bath Walk In Tub Before and After Photos

The New Bath Walk-In Tub gallery offers several before and after walk-in tub installation photos of residence throughout Ohio, Indiana, and more.

Use the below images to give you ideas on what a walk-in tub would look like in your home. These are actual photos taken in customers homes after the New Bath Walk-In Tub has been installed. We place the new walk-in tub right where the old one was, so there’s no need to rearrange your existing bathroom.  Please browse through our selection and contact us for any questions or to get a free in home estimate for your walk-in tub.

                                BEFORE                                                               AFTER        

crist springfield ohcrist springfield oh after

New Bath Walk-In Tub install in Springfield, Ohio

matthews wash courthousematthews washington courthouse oh after

New Bath Walk-In Tub install in Washington Courthouse, Ohio

rogers toronto ohrogers toronto oh after

New Bath Walk-In Tub install in Toronto, Ohio

wadman eaton ohwadman eaton oh after

New Bath Walk-In Tub install in Washington Eaton, Ohio


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If you are looking to remodel your bathtub to fit your changing mobility needs, a walk-in bathtub is a great option. Not only are they safe, but they are affordable and stylish. Don’t risk tripping over those high walled traditional tubs! Bathrooms are the most common place in your home for injury. Prevent injuries now with a New Bath Walk-In Tub. Plus, with our hydrotherapy jets you can have the ultimate relaxation spot. Hydrotherapy is good for joint pain and sore muscles, especially after a long day. Bring the spa to you with a walk-in tub!



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