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New Bath Walk-In Tub Pricing

Walk-In Tub Pricing

(Factors that will affect the cost of your New Bath Walk-In Tub)

Size – there are a variety of different size tubs that range significantly in price. This is only one small factor.  The Safety Specialist would bring out pictures and samples of our walk-in tubs and review with you all of the options.

Location – which floor the tub will be located in your home as well as whether or not we can fit the tub through the front or rear doorway, the bathroom door, or through stairways and hallways.

Plumbing – the age and condition of your existing plumbing will be a major factor. Some plumbing is outdated and some hot water tanks cannot accommodate our tubs.  This is something that we would inspect at our in-home visit 

Electrical – with the hydro-therapy air and water jet features we will need to determine the existing electric availability and location and determine any improvements that may or may not be needed.

Flooring – typically flooring is not an issue, however in some cases the existing flooring may be compromised by the removal of your existing tub. Therefore repairs may be needed. 

Options – there are many options for decoration and safety that can affect the cost of your tub including the therapeutic features, safety grab bars, faucet selection, and related hardware choices.


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